We exist to better the lives of trans* and non-binary Missourians.

Find transgender and gender non-conforming resources in your area.
Missouri legislative session, where bills become laws, starts in January of 2019.
It is vitally important that transgender Missourians have driver’s licenses and other identification documents that accurately reflect their gender. Learn more about changing your identification documents and what we are doing to improve this process in Missouri.
Transgender and gender non-conforming Missourians face barriers in many aspects of their everyday lives. These barriers may exist because of misunderstanding of who transgender people are or inadequate, and missing policy and law. Learn more here about your rights when it comes to school, bathrooms, or even violence.

Though transgender* Missourians have several new rights and protections in the workplace, discrimination continues to remain a problem. Learn more about your workplace protections and what to do when you’ve experienced discrimination here.

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What Can You Do To Be A Better Ally?

Transgender Missourians have many new rights and protections when it comes to housing and homeless shelters. Learn more about housing protections here.

Missouri legislative regular session begins on January 2019 and ends May of 2019. Decisions are made at the Capitol that impact you. 

Call 314-862-4900 or email MOtransRights@PROMOonline.org to share your story.



ˈalī/If you have an ally, you have someone who is on your side. an associate who provides cooperation or assistance.

By being an ally to the trans* community, you can make a difference in advocating for the lives of all identities.


Health is an important part of everyone’s daily life. However, many transgender and gender non-conforming Missourians face challenges and barriers to getting even the basic gender affirming care they need. Click to learn more.

Five ways, plus guide to terminology here.