Having a driver’s license that misrepresents one’s gender can be a complicated or dangerous situation for a transgender person in any situation where he, she, or they need to show the license -- in bars and restaurants, while filling out forms for employers, or a simple traffic stop. This can potentially lead to discriminatory or violent situations. The most important aspect of transition is living day-to-day life in society in accordance with the individual’s gender identity.​​

In Missouri, transgender individuals can change the gender on their driver's license at their local DMV using this form signed by a health provider. 

There are additional places where laws and policies need to be updated in order for transgender Missourians to have access to necessary and proper identification documents, including:

  • Missouri name change laws
  • Missouri driver's license policy and current procedures
  • Missouri birth certificate laws

Several barriers exist within these current laws and policies, including cost of updating the documents, the requirement of one or more letters from doctors, and even surgery requirements. Not only is surgery incredibly cost-prohibitive, requiring someone to have any surgery simply to have access to proper identity documents is inappropriate and an invasion of privacy. Surgery is incredibly cost-prohibitive. Requiring someone to have any surgery simply to have access to proper identity documents is inappropriate and an invasion of privacy. ​

Some of these barriers can be removed through procedural and policy changes, and some of them will require more difficult action. PROMO is dedicated to ensuring transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary Missourians have an accessible avenue to identity documents that match their gender.

​If you are interested in the specific process to for the name change or birth certificate documents , the blog Transas City has templates and statute information.

Note that some individuals have been able to get a court order for gender change on a Missouri birth certificate without proof of surgery, depending on other information and their situation. Please refer to your local transgender support or resource group for information about attorneys in your region who have experience helping individuals with identification changes.

If you face discrimination or difficulty accessing proper identity documents, you have rights. We encourage you to share your story with us or file a complaint.